Out into the Yarra Catchment and over the ridge –where locals are using cool burning, bush food farm planning and regenerative farming to care for native and productive animals

Stopping at Christmas Hills to visit the Corrigan residence,this is your opportunity to view the early signs of regeneration following a cross-tenure(private/public) ecological burn, with the ultimate aim of benefiting Slender-tailed Dunnarts. Preparation involved treatment of Burgan, a native gone weedy, cool burning, herbivore exclusion fencing, and concrete pavers to provide artificial habitat shelters for dunnarts.

Moving on you will visit Coranderrk Bushland Reserve-Aboriginal Station to see and hear about recent efforts by two Wurundjeri womento restore Coranderrk to a working farm. With help from the PPWCMA’s Regional Landcare Facilitator, Melbourne Water and PPWCMA’s Yarra for Life program, Wurundjeri people have undertaken whole farm planning that will incorporate habitat creation for threatened species and the growing of bush foods.

Enjoy a glass of wine and a freshly prepared seasonal meal at Healesville Harvest. You may even have the opportunity to purchase fantastic local produce or their own K & B brand of rocky road, spiced nuts, oils& relishes.

The afternoon will see a visit to Tom’s Paddock, an enterprise run by Tom Abbotsmith Youl who won the2015 Department of Economic Development, Jobs, Transport and Resources Regional Innovation in Sustainable Farm Practices Award Winner for the Goulburn Broken region. Over three generations Tom’s family has combined life style, conservation and regenerative farming on their130-hectare property. See and hear about Tom’s nomadic egg production business where chickens housed in chook caravans follow cattle around a rotational grazing system. Significant areas of remnant bush along boundaries, waterways and drainage lines have been retained and protected with one of Victoria’s first Trust for Nature covenants.
Cost $60.00 per person (includes transport, morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea).

The Healsville/Glenburn field trip will depart from Southern Cross Station at 8.30am on Wednesday, 21 September 2016.

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