See and learn how recovery and rebuilding is taking shape in Kinglake and Kilmore. The first stop will be in Willomavin where you will meet Mrs Pam Pace and learn about the fire recovery fencing site and their property.

Moving on to Kinglake and the fire recovery fencing and revegetation site of Karen and Bernie Svoboda. Tour the property and see the effects as well as the work that has taken place.

Lunch will be in Kinglake West at Flying Tarts Bakery where you will get to relax and catch up with your fellow field trippers and enjoy local produce and something sweet from award winning Head pastry chef Alvin Charles.

The afternoon will see the group visit Green Army works taking place at the Stony Creek Reserve. The Stony Creek in Kinglake West is home to very significant wildlife including Brush-tailed Phascogales and Long-nosed Bandicoots. It also contains the critically endangered Round-leaf Pomaderris (Pomaderris vaccinifolia). The area contains many large old growth trees and lush fern gullies that provide habitat for these special native species.

The Green Army project has been rehabilitating degraded areas of the reserve through control of woody weeds including Blackberry, Broomand Holly followed with revegetation using local indigenous plants.

Survey and monitoring of the native fauna is also being carried out as part of the project and nest boxes are being installed and monitored throughout the reserve to help provide nesting sites for the Brush-tailed Phascogale.

Cost $60.00 per person (includes transport, morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea).

The Kinglake field trip will depart from Southern Cross Station at 7.30am on Wednesday, 21 September 2016.

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