Two men standing and holding an award

Basil Schur, WA

For three remarkable decades, Basil Schur, a project manager at Greenings Skills, has worked with the South Coast Landcare groups & community across the Central Gondwana Link zone, Wilson Inlet and Oyster Harbour catchments and beyond. Originally from Zimbabwe, Basil has initiated planning, conservation and restoration of the rivers, wetlands and bushland of the region. Notably, Basil established the Denmark Wetland Centre for community education and was instrumental in the coordination of the Balijup Fauna Sanctuary, working with the landowners to fence 110ha of native bushland in the Unicup wetlands of the Kent River Catchment. Running regular citizen science workshops in collaboration with the Conservation Council of WA and Dept BCA, Basil’s ongoing monitoring of species reintroduced into the enclosure has seen a successful rise in numbers of re-introduced Bandicoot population and the other native fauna.