Four women standing in front of media wall holding award

Floating Landcare, NSW

The Floating Landcare Program, formally known as Workers on Water or WOW, was a concept realised in 2012. The program is coordinated by Greater Sydney Local Land Services with the active support of Bushcare staff and Rangers from its program partners: Hornsby, Northern Beaches and Central Coast Councils, and the National Parks and Wildlife Service in the estuaries of the Hawkesbury and the Central Coast. Floating Landcare provides community volunteers with a unique wilderness land management experience.   The program has attracted a large number of new and existing environmental volunteers, corporate support both through participation as corporate volunteers and corporate funding support through Landcare Australia. Volunteers are from a range of bushcare and landcare groups across the Greater Sydney Region. GS LLS has facilitated and strengthened links with key partners to increase the number and diversity of volunteers involved.  Advertising the annual Calendar through the program partners’ environmental volunteer networks, the Greater Sydney Volunteer Co-ordinators Network and Greater Sydney Landcare Network has made the program available to thousands of volunteers across Sydney and the Central Coast.  This is evident as over 30 Bushcare groups have been represented by volunteers that have participated in Floating Landcare over its eight years.