2022 National Landcare Conference

Call for Abstracts

The call for abstracts and posters for the 2022 National Landcare Conference is now closed. The bi-annual event will be held from Tuesday 23 to Thursday 25 August 2022, at the International Convention Centre Darling Harbour in Sydney.

The theme for the 2022 National Landcare Conference is Power of Landcare | Shaping Our Future which affirms the importance of looking to the future when addressing the issues and opportunities open to Landcare. Presenters are asked to explore how their submission ties in with the 2022 theme.

Landcare Australia invited abstracts from individuals, groups, networks and organisations involved in protecting, enhancing or restoring and educating about the natural environment in their local community through sustainable land management and conservation activities.

We are also called for poster exhibits to display at the conference. The posters are summaries of landcare and natural resource management projects that visually illustrate the project objectives, outcomes and learnings. Poster exhibitors are not expected to present their poster face to face at the conference.

We have six concurrent streams which provides many individuals, groups and organisations involved in landcare and natural resource management an opportunity to get involved as a stream speaker and share their learnings with a global audience. Last year we had over 3,000 online delegates and this year promises to be just as big. We will host this year’s conference as a hybrid event for both in person and online delegates.

Speakers will either present in person at the International Convention in Sydney or as a virtual speaker online. If your abstract is selected by the assessment panel, we will provide support to the speaker/s presenting the paper.

Speakers and presenters will comprise of:

  • Sustainable farmers and farming systems groups
  • Landcare networks, groups and individuals
  • Landcare facilitators and coordinators
  • Indigenous land and sea managers
  • Urban landcare groups and individuals including ‘Friends of’, Bushcare, Coastcare, Rivercare, and Dunecare
  • Environmental community volunteer groups
  • Landholders
  • Natural resource management agencies
  • Local government and other government agencies
  • Research agencies and universities
  • Agricultural co-operatives, industry associations, suppliers or individual primary producers
  • Junior Landcare educators (primary and secondary schools)
  • Youth groups
  • Environmental not-for profits
  • Volunteers
  • Environmental educators.

We are not able to accept abstracts from any commercial entity who may be looking to sell a product.

There are six concurrent sessions that demonstrate the Landcare ethos for the following streams:

Landcare Farming and emerging environmental markets
Landcare Farming and emerging environmental markets

Innovation and technology, soil health, climate change adaptation and mitigation, young farmers, connecting farmers to emerging alternative markets.

Farmers manage over half of the Australian landscape, and, in order to ensure a better tomorrow, research, innovation and conservation are critical for managing land and water assets. This stream will focus on how agriculture is adapting to an ever-increasing range of challenges including climate change and implementing innovative farming practices to sustainably manage our productive natural assets. It will also identify opportunities in the emerging environmental markets that provide recognition and reward for ecosystem services and other benefits valued by the community. There is an increasing amount of interest by land managers in this rapidly evolving field, but many are unsure how to participate and where to obtain reliable advice. This stream will provide insights, real world data and practical examples of how land managers are participating in environmental markets, lessons learned and options for managing risk.

Environment and Climate Change
Environment and Climate Change

Call to action for all Australians to be on the frontline together with Landcare to reduce the impacts of climate change and biodiversity loss.

With the impact of climate change, drought and natural disasters like fire and flood, Australia’s landscapes and biodiversity are under immense pressure. Landcarers and communities have also been impacted by COVID-19. In response to these growing challenges, communities and individuals continue to help restore, protect and manage our natural assets. This stream will demonstrate how various Indigenous land and sea managers, Bushcare, Coastcare and other Landcare community groups and farmers are successfully meeting these challenges and providing ideas for more people to take action with Landcare.

Community Partnerships in Action
Community Partnerships in Action

Building community capacity and resilience, communication and storytelling, volunteering, partnerships, building and sharing knowledge.

Community participation is at the heart of Landcare. This stream will demonstrate the achievements and value of investing in individual community groups and successful Landcare partnerships. The stream will also explore how we can enhance engagement with rural communities, support the sharing of collaboration and knowledge, and help breakdown the disconnect that exists between the city and the bush.

Landcare Impact
Landcare Impact

Landscape, biodiversity, community resilience, mental and physical health of individuals, economy.

This stream will demonstrate the multiple beneficial impacts of Landcare including landscapes and natural areas, community, health and the economy. Demonstrating the breadth of positive impact will help influence governments, business, industry and philanthropic supporters on why ongoing investment in and empowering of Landcare is required now more than ever.

Urban Landcare
Urban Landcare

Urban environments bring challenges and opportunities with a growing role for Landcare in urban settings.

Our towns and cities are having an ever increasing impact on biodiversity and ecosystem health as urban development and population growth encroaches on natural systems. But urban areas can also bring opportunity for innovation, community action and even protection of endangered and vulnerable species and ecosystems. This stream will showcase the growing role Landcare, community, and government play in shaping our urban environments to have a lighter footprint, that is more conducive to community wellbeing and even provide ecosystem services themselves.

First Nations Stream Icon
First Nations

Providing a platform that recognises the role First Nations people have played in sustainable natural resource management.

As the first landcarers, First Nations people have a continuous and deep connection to Country. They have an understanding of country that encompasses the physical, spiritual and cultural landscape. This stream will demonstrate how traditional land and sea management practices can help landcarers and land managers better understand the ecology of their landscape and manage weeds, promote native regrowth and improve biodiversity on Country.

Abstract and poster submissions for the 2022 National Landcare Conference are now closed.


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