2021 Coastcare Award – TAS

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Friends of Bass Strait Islands – Wildcare Inc (FoBSI)

“The difference it makes having an ongoing program is that our members, the Flinders Island community and the land manager can see the progressive improvement to an island that was once an ecological “basket case”. This visible constant improvement breeds enthusiasm.” Karen Ziegler, TAS Coastcare Award Finalist

The Friends of Bass Strait Islands (FoBSI), is a Wildcare group with a vision to manage feral plant species on the off-shore islands in the Furneaux Islands and on strategic coastal areas of Flinders Island. While their name alludes to the whole of Bass Strait they focus on eastern Bass Strait and its islands. The key focus areas of this group are managing infestations of boxthorn and mirror bush, which impact bird rookeries, native vegetation and human amenity. They have undertaken weed control meticulously with a strong focus on follow up, and have undertaken primary control of serious environmental weeds on over 250 hectares of island and coastal vegetation.