NationalConference2021_FieldTrips_Parramatta to the Mulgoa Valley

This adventure starts with the Signing in and a Welcome to Country by Darug man, Chris Tobin at Parramatta Park also known as Burramatta, which translates to ‘place where the eel (Burra) lies down’. The field trip group will travel west for morning tea with volunteers from Mulgoa Landcare, a private landholder group. Learn about the restoration work undertaken by the Mulgoa Landcare Group over the past 25 years including a guided tour with a local ecologist and Landcare volunteers to visit the region’s significant geological phenomena including 35 metre shale cliffs and observe the critically endangered ecological communities of Mulgoa Creek. The next stop is Fernhill Estate, recently acquired by the NSW Government as a Parkland. This heritage listed homestead offers a glimpse of life for those issued land grants by Governor Macquarie in the early 1800’s. Learn about the Cox Family and the unique colonial landscapes of Fernhill that remain largely unaltered since the early days of the European colony. The afternoon will provide an opportunity to witness firsthand the amazing work by the Cumberland Land Conservancy to protect the critically endangered Cumberland Plain Woodland and a number of endangered species at a former grazing property called Wallaroo.

Date: Wednesday 4 August 2021

Time: 7.30am – 4.30pm

Capacity: limit of 25 people

Cost: $45 pp

Catering: Morning tea at the shale cliffs area and Lunch on the lawns of Fernhill.

Transport: The coach will depart from the International Convention Centre at 7.30am and will take approximately 1 hour to travel to Mulgoa via Parramatta Park for a Welcome to Country. The same coach will then transport you to all stops in and around Mulgoa, returning to the International Convention Centre, Darling Harbour by 4.30pm.