Barossa Improved Grazing Group – SA

Since The Barossa Improved Grazing Group (BIGG) began five years ago, BIGG has brought integrated land management practices to around 50,000 hectares of grazing land in the Barossa Valley and Eastern Mount Lofty Ranges, working with over 400 beef, sheep and dairy producers. BIGG has also focused on education, sharing its findings via workshops, webinars and social events. BIGG’s on-ground work has included the rollout of a Rappa electric fence across 400 hectares of sheep and cattle grazing land, and watercourse rehabilitation via monitoring. The Group’s monitoring efforts proved particularly useful after the bushfires of 2014. BIGG developed and monitored native pasture sites, and the data the Group provided on pasture composition and quality, ground cover and livestock requirements assisted the recovery of 20 producers affected by the fires.

Barossa Improved Grazing Group Case Study

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