Clean4Shore – NSW

Clean4Shore leads up to 70 field trips a year, engaging the community, school and business groups in the removal of plastic and polystyrene around the Hawkesbury River, Brisbane Waters and Tuggerah Lakes. Volunteer groups led by Clean4Shore remove garbage from waterways while simultaneously educating themselves about the Central Coast foreshores and mangroves. Corporate partners attending Clean4Shore field trips have also learnt about the effects of marine litter. This growing awareness has been reflected in evaluation reports and corporate feedback and fundraising. In 2016, 554 volunteers participated in 67 field trips, with 182,800 litter items removed, including 33,360 plastic bottles, 26,818 bits of plastic bag and 26,393 pieces of polystyrene. This data is forwarded to the Australian Marine Institute and later disseminated to stakeholders to inform best practice.

Clean4Shore Case Study