Clover Hills Cluster Group – QLD

In 2015 a group of graziers from five Central Western Queensland properties joined forces to build a fence that would keep feral animals out and native ones in. The Clover Hill Cluster Group has now erected a 1.6m high netting fence, covering an area of 33,545 hectares. Sheep production has re-commenced, and lambing percentages have risen to 90 percent from as low as five percent before the fence was erected. The Group estimates that more than 16,500 kangaroos would still roam the Cluster’s total land area without the fence, and that the fence has preserved around 11,000 sheep, or $495,000 in extra wool production. Improved pasture conditions has also given ground-nesting birds a better chance of survival, and encouraged small mammals and lizards to return.

Clover Hills Cluster Group Case Study