Lake Tuggeranong College ‘Sustainability Unit’ – ACT

In 2013, a Sustainability Unit was established at Lake Tuggeranong College, with an aim to educate students about the environment and encourage participation in environmentally sustainable projects. Set up under the guidance of teacher Nikey Mylordi, the unit gives students the opportunity to develop skills and knowledge about sustaining the environment for future generations to enjoy. Local ACT catchment group coordinators help students to discover what they are interest in, and suggest potential projects to get involved in. One of the unit’s major community contributions has been the involvement of students collecting data for Upper Murrumbidgee Waterwatch, Platypus Watch, and the ACT and Region Frogwatch Program. Programs such as these are long term, and the assistance with data collection is vital to their work.

Lake Tuggeranong College 'Sustainability Unit' Case Study