Land for Wildlife – Top End – NT

Land for Wildlife Top End (LFW) supports wildlife habitat by promoting conservation, land management and wildlife awareness and education, and supports over 250 registered properties covering 8,000 hectares. LFW has been focusing on the enhancement of habitat for arboreal mammals, many of which are in steep decline in northern Australia. LFW has worked to protect the Black-footed Tree-rat in particular, helping landholders to install 180 nest boxes and plant over 15000 plants to provide food and habitat for the endangered species. LFW also maintains constant communication with the NT Weed Management Branch and fire authorities, connecting landholders to resources and ensuring that they are receiving up-to-date information. LFW Top End runs workshops on native plant propagation and habitat creation, and is involved with local schools and community events.

Land for Wildlife - Top End Case Study

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